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Did you ever feel like flying by seeing the winged "B" logo of Bentley? If yes, then you can understand and feel the Luxury. Bentley is known as the symbol of luxury and class that offers High End and Special editions of royal car models.

The Overview

In January 1919, Bentley Motors was established in England. Its founder name is Walter Owen Bentley. Being fascinated by racing motorcycles and combustible engines, he becomes an outcome of this passion. Walter Owen Bentley was fascinated by combustible engines as well as racing motorcycles; hence the Bentley is a result of his passion.

Bentley Motors has a history full of twists and turns as well as an interesting one too! The Bentley manufacturing started with a 3-litre engine car that was quite advanced that time. It had 4-cylinders, sole overhead camshaft, twin-spark ignition through two magnetos and four valves per cylinder. But there was a little noise in that. It is heard, that noise once annoyed a nurse who was dealing with a very critical patient. It was quite shocking for Bentley, but the owners worked hard for better.

The Bentley is and was known as a racing car. Furthermore, it has won numerous Le Mans trophies. It is a 24-hour car endurance test that was held in France. It tests a car to it last limits and the one which sustain the grill, command exceptional respect and awe in the vehicle industry. Such races also provided a great advertisement for the Bentley. The first 3-litre Bentley car participated and won the 4th place respectably.


Flying Spur and Continental models get AWD and a dual-turbo 6.0L V12 engine, whereas Mulsanne models feature a latest 6.75-liter V8 with 505-hp and torque about 752 lb-ft. The price range is starting at around £160,000 vehicles and like Mulsanne can eclipse the £250,000 mark.

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Bentley Flying Spur is a name that doesn’t need details. This car can be taken as an excellent piece of Coupe. This Bentley symbolizes Luxury, Elegance and Comfort.

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