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Citroen is the only successful car manufacturing company that has won three official championship awards from the International Automobile Federation i.e.

  • The World Rally Raid Championship (5 times)
  • The World Rally Championship (8 times)
  • The World Touring Car Championship

Citroen Overview

Citroen is the most popular French Automobile maker company and is a part of PSA Peugeot Citroen group since 1976. It was founded in 1919 by a French Industrialist Andre Gustave Citroen. It established the reputation for introducing innovative technology with Traction Avant in 1934. This coupe was the first mass-produced front wheel drive car that had a unitary type body with no framework holding to the mechanical components.

In 1954, it manufactured the fastest car in the world with the system of Hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension. In 1955 it launched, the first mass production coupe with new disc brakes. In 1967, Citroen introduced many models with swiveling headlights which offered high visibility on the wedding roads. These amazing car models had received many national and international awards including 3 of European Car of the Year.

With the passage of time, Citroen has undergone some massive changes. It's DS Model range is splitting into several brands together, and the very light weight ethos behind its radical C4 Cactus looks set to revolutionize that how French Car Manufacturer will build cars in future. Now a day’s Citroen is going to introduce an extensive range of practical coupes that suits the budget. From compact C1 to the Spacious C5 Tourer, all of these are manufactured to provide a high-quality vehicle at an affordable price.

You can also have a range of MPVs that includes C3 and C4 Picasso which are manufactured to serve your family traveling needs.

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