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Honda is known as one of the most popular car brands in the whole world. On the other side, it is the best car brand of the year.

Overview – Honda (The Power of Dreams)

Honda Vehicle Company was founded in October 1946 by Soichiro. In a short passage of time, he received an agreement of supplying piston rings for a famous car maker Toyota. Unluckily, he lost that deal since his products didn’t match the quality standards.

After that, he visited many factories in Japan to improve his engine quality by manufacturing some competent piston rings. With his endless effort, soon he found a highly automated process which might use inexpert workers to produce premium piston rings. Toyota got highly impressed by his new invention, and in 1941 Toyota decided to purchase it.

Soichiro then started his own company named Tokai Seiki to increase his number of product on a larger scale. In a short span of time, Toyota purchased 40% of Tokai Seiki and hence, Soichiro and Toyota built a strong business relationship. A downfall destroyed a broad portion of Soichiro’s company, and this made him sell all the remaining products to Toyota.

Sooner, he founded Honda Technical Research Institute in 1946 to sell modified bicycles with motors. In 1949, after years of excellent bicycles production, Honda released Model D that was a first complete example of motorbikes. With the rise in demand of this unique and affordable motorcycle, Honda became the largest Motorcycle manufacturing company in 1964. With brilliant success, soon Honda then released its first four wheel drive known as T360 mini pick-up truck in 1963.

Later Honda released its first sports model car S500 and nailed the automobile market with this model’s popularity. And in 1986, Honda began to manufacture some luxury vehicle types and released Acura. Hence, with years of excellent pieces of making Honda has the power to be the largest manufacturers of internal combustion engines in 2012 by reaching to the extensive figure of 15 million. In 2013, Honda had released exceptional thirty cars model and made its name more prominent by releasing a complete advanced package of excellence Honda Civic 5-door in 2017.

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