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Mini is known as the most recognized car design in the whole world. The Mini became a symbol of British design throughout the swinging sixties in the United Kingdom as well as all around the world.

Mini - The Overview

The Mini was the idea of the chain-smoking Sir Alec Issigonis by the British Motor Company (BMC) that was started in 1957 and launched in 1959. The Mini was introduced out of economic need and established some differences in the mindsets of UK and USA car owners at the time. The multi-laned freeways were springing up in America, and 1950 was a time of luxury in classic muscle cars as well as enormous engine saloons.

In August 1959, BMC launched the first Mini Mark under the popular brands Morris Mini Minor and Austin Seven Mini. These were manufactured at the respective Morris and Austin plants at Longbridge in Cowley and Birmingham down the road in Oxford. The basic Mini cost just about £496 at the time it was launched and became the cheapest car in Britain.

The Mini was voted as the second most influential car of the 20th century in 1999, behind the Ford Model T, and in the lead of Citroën DS as well as Volkswagen Beetle. The Mini Mark I had three essential UK updates: The Mark II, Clubman, and Mark III.

The high-performance versions, the Mini Cooper and Cooper "S," were widely appreciated as both race as well as rally cars and in 1964, 1965, 1967 won the Monte Carlo Rally. The first-placed Mini was disqualified in 1966 due to a controversial decision that its headlights were against the rules. In 1994, BMW acquired the Rover Group and sold a huge part of it in 2000, but kept the rights to build cars by using the name MINI

In 2017, MINI has launched various mini cars models to keep its level one step ahead in the vehicle industry. Mini 3-door Hatch, Mini 5-door Hatch as well as Mini Countryman has made some excellent performance record in the whole world’s automobile market. 

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