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SEAT is one of the most known Spanish Car Brand. It has been manufacturing high-quality vehicles for years based on Volkswagen.


On 5th May 1950, SEAT was founded by the Instituto Nacional de Industria. Its main head office is at Martorell near Barcelona Spain. In 1986, it was entirely owned by Volkswagen. In 2000 it produced over 500,000 units, and till 2006 it produced over 16 million vehicles. More than 6 million were built from Martorell and exported to approximately seventy countries all around the world. Today SEAT is the only Spanish car manufacturer company which has the infrastructure and ability to produce its cars in-house.

From 1953 to 1965 this firm only manufactured cars for the domestic Spanish market. In 1965, the company exported 150 units of SEAT 600 model destined for Colombia by air freight. In 1967, SEAT reached a contract over the renewal of its license agreement with Fiat that allowed the Spanish firm to shape an international distribution network for its vehicles. After that, it started its export operations particularly to twelve countries and entered the export market in 1969.

With the passage of time SEAT maintained its level of producing high-quality vehicles with in partnership with Fiat and then Volkswagen. Then in 1970, SEAT manufactured sports cars with the brand's contribution to the national formula races in Spain. Hence for decades till now, SEAT has been producing some exceptional pieces for their valued customers. SEAT provides an excellent range of well-engineered, practical as well as affordable cars, with spacious and comfortable interiors. Furthermore, it offers a range of premium quality accessories available as standard.

The SEAT has shown a fabulous commitment both to environmental issues as well as automotive innovation. Its vehicles are full of style and continue to sell well as conventional cars. With great performance, SEAT cars are quite popular on the roads of UK.

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