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Skoda's first car was launched in 1905, and the model name was Voiturette A. After the World War I, Skoda launched one of the best popular models in the 1930s. It was among the best sellers that time. After World War II, Skoda introduced its 1101 series in 1945. Then, Skoda continued on manufacturing reliable cars like 1201 series Rapid and Estelle.

In 1990, the Volkswagen Group got to hold on the carmaker. With this action, the Skoda automobiles became more famous. Furthermore, Skoda made use of exceptional skills of Volkswagen in further increasing the design of its unique vehicles. As the acquisition, Skoda cars manufacturing and style improved notably.

In this modern era, Skoda cars compete with the best in the automobile industry. The latest Octavia 2017 has been making influence as a sports car. Moreover, this Skoda Octavia has made some reputable finishes in car race events worldwide. Soon, one latest generation Skoda Octavia will hit the market with more advanced features. The upcoming generation of Octavia will be having a powerful 1.4 TSI engine and a fantastic look.

The Skoda Fabia is also another amazing model. Its hatchback version can be a promising car. The Fabia Hatchback is excellent for our youngsters with its elegant and energetic appearance. This new version sport has an environmentally friendly engine produce low carbon dioxide emissions.

The Superb model is also known as one of the best Skoda productions. It can be inferred that this vehicle model is truly "superb” according to its name. It has a patented Twin Door system which allows its rear boot and window to be opened together to load heavy items. This car has A 1.8 TSI power engine with a seven-speed automatic transmission.

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